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Lip Blush

  • 1,500 US dollars
  • Virtual zoom class Live Instructor

Service Description

A unique course where you will discover tips and tricks for lips permanent makeup. Learn how to easily change shape and color of lips by using permanent techniques of micro-pigmentation which is a form of tattooing but slightly more gentle. Learn how to pre-draw the shape and what needles to use, how to properly stretch the skin in order to easily implant the pigment What you'll learn 
permanent makeup for lips 
skin features 
how to pre-draw lips 
what techniques can be used to perform the pigmentation 
what needles to use 
what color to choose 
how many times to repeat the shading 
what is the aftercare 
what are the contraindications 
skin stretching 
overview of machines, needles, inks 
needle length/depth Includes kit and certificate Contact us for availability 702-449-4780

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