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Features & details

Our Electrical Vacuum Body Shaping Machine is made of high quality materials, environmentally friendly and safe to the skin. Can help you lose excess fat and create a good body line. It come with 2 pcs 150ML Large Cups.

SUERBEATY Body Shape Massager can als used for skin lifting and tightening, body shaping, slimming, cupping and scraping. Vacuum Therapy Massage is also a body massage maco behine, used for slimming and shaping your body.

SUERBEATY Vacuum cupping machine suitable for face/body contouring, improving skin elasticity and tone, it is ideal for thin arms, abdomen, back, buttocks and legs, with no side effects.

Vacuum Cupping Scraping Therapy Massager Can relieve muscle strain and pain, accelerate body circulation and the role of tissue for the better effect to remove.

As a modern women, you deserve having a Weight Loss Machine which make you more larger, more beautiful and more bright in summer.Please reference instruction manual before operation

Vacuum Body Contouring

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