Bellamage Now has TRAVELING TRAINING (Read More)......

You always wanted to have your own beauty business but didn’t know how to go about it. Well Bellamage has beauty training just for you.

You don’t live in Las Vegas so going to the Bellamage school of beauty is too far. Well not anymore! Bellamage is now coming to areas near you with their all new Beauty Training schedule.

The classes being taught will be the same that we offer in Las Vegas. In case you aren’t familiar with our classes, we will explain a bit about what we have to offer.

Our first class offers training for EYELASH EXTENSIONS. What can you do with eyelash extension training? Well….. You could open your own eyelash extension spa. You could incorporate into a spa that is already up and running and dedicate a space just for eyelash extensions or you could even rent a space just to do eyelashes. What ever you decide to do, we will help you along your way.

We offer support and information to help you achieve your goals, what ever they may be.

Our second class being offered is PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP. With the knowledge you will take away from this training, you can be a free-lance make-up artist, work for a company who needs a professional make-up artist on their staff or become a part of a spa setting doing make-up for a variety of scenarios. If owning your own business is your cup of tea, then you can have your own make-up room or spa to be as creative as you like in the make-up industry. The choice is all yours!

Our third class is for those who love hair! If you are currently a cosmetologist, hair designer or professional braider, then this class is for you to extend your hair knowledge. Learning HAIR EXTENSIONS will take you to the next level in your career as a hair dresser. Everyone loves to have long flowing hair, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to grow it that long, or they may just like to change things up every now and then. Building a clientele for hair extensions is going to create a permanent business that will keep you busy and making great money.

Our final class being offered is MICROBLADING. Have you always wanted to work in the beauty industry but can’t afford to take a long time to go get a cosmetology or Esthetician license? Then you’re in luck! Microblading training can put you in the industry in no time at all! This course will teach you how to give people the perfect eyebrows they’ve always wanted. If you incorporate this class along with eyelashes, you could have strictly a brows and lashes spa if that is what you enjoy doing. We will help teach you how to build your business and be up and running in no time!

Do all these training courses sound fun! Of course they do! Because it will be. Come join us in our various locations, now that we are traveling, you can take any of our classes is the following locations. PHOENIX, ARIZONA is our first stop, Join us Dec 1st-5th, then again Feb 13th-18th. Our next stop will be HAWAII. If you live in Hawaii or just want to take a nice vacation and going us for the class, it will be offered April 22nd-27th. Our last stop will be in sunny SAN DIEGO, CALIF. from June 10th-16th.

We sure hope to see you at one of our up and coming training courses. Please text us to reserve your spot now, space is limited, so hurry! (702) 499-4780

Written By Darci Gurule’